Under The Curtain Of Darkness

Under the curtain of darkness,

In her locked room

Stands a girl

With a tape measure on her waist

Counting inches to lose

Till she’s “beautiful”.


Under the curtain of darkness

Alone, lonely and tired

Is a boy, protein shake in hand

A thousand more planks

And a hundred more bench presses

Till he’s “handsome”.


Under the curtain of darkness

With a book in his hand

Sits a guy, deadly exhausted

Notes, papers and journals

All over the place

He strives to be “perfect”.


Under the curtain of darkness

Pizza on her bed, assignments on her desk

A controller in hand, CoD in play

Staying up late, dancing and laughing all the way

She turns to her mirror

“Imperfectly perfect” She whispers

She sleeps in that state, imperfect and happy.


Beauty is not being slim

Perfect toned body not handsomeness

Straight A’s not perfection

Being you is being human

Human is being imperfect

Imperfectly perfect is happiness.



Love yourself the way you are, and people should love you for you too.

Don’t ever lose yourself in this world trying to be perfect.

Imperfection is to be human, be who you are the same way you are and happy with who you are.

Always strive for improvement but do not if it means compromising your happiness.

Follow your heart and trust in God.

Love you forever and always.



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