Moving On

I stood waiting
Waiting for you
For you to fix me
For you to hold me
For you to love me
For you to pick me up.

I stood waiting
Hoping you’d come
Hoping it’ll be alright
Hoping I’ll be okay
Hoping it’ll fall in place
Hoping you’d come.

I stood waiting
Letting life pass me
Letting joy leave me
Letting my smile fade
Letting my eyes cry
Letting the twinkle in me die.

While I stood waiting
I realised I was losing myself
I realised I was hurting myself
I realised I was killing my happiness
I realised I was worth more
I realised the only one worth living for is me.

I’m done waiting for you
Done giving you space in my life
Done letting you mess me up
Done giving you a million excuses
Done crying out for you
Done letting my heart die.

It’s my time to be selfish
It’s my turn to love me
It’s my time to make my life
It’s my turn to have fun
It’s my time to make memories
Memories full of me moving on.

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