I’m taking a pledge today, 

and may Allah be my witness.

I’ll stay true to myself

I’ll try and follow my heart when it commands me to do good

I’ll stay away from the evil that society breeds

I’ll be honest to myself the most 

I’ll try my best to love me

Everybody is awesome in their own way.

Your awesomeness does not make my awesomeness any less.

Your beauty never fades mine.

Your strength does not make me weak.

Your brightness never dims mine.

Your intelligence does not make me dumb.

And your personality does not make mine rot.

You are you.

And I am me.

I’m beautiful and special

In my own little way.

I’m smart and caring

In every single way.

I just have one life.

And I’ll make sure 

I live it true

I live it honest

I live it brave

And I live it to the fullest

And this is my pledge.

Somebody says….

Somebody says

I’m thin

I’m fat

I’m too much of a stick

I’m too chubby.

Somebody says,

Maybe lose some weight

Gain some extra pounds

Do you eat a cow for breakfast?

Is that all you’ll eat?

Somebody says,

A little less eating

Add some potatoes deary

Lose the desserts sweety

Have some more, you need it.

Love yourself 

Your image does not define you

Enjoy and live life as you wish

Don’t let people bring you down 

Words remind you that you are alive and breathing 

The hypocrisy in society!

They say ‘Live life on your terms’

Yet dictate every word

They say your appearance never matters

Yet everyone judges you once you pass by

They say “Love yourself just the way you are”

Yet they point out all your flaws 

I shouldn’t be too thin or people think I starve myself

I shouldn’t be too fat cause then all I do is eat all day

Being medium is showing off 

What should I be?

Too smart is a freak

Too dumb I’m a fool

Being average is never good enough










I tried, I really did.

Stopping myself from falling.
I tried, believe me I did.

Holding back from hoping.
I tried, listen to me I did.

Wishing you wouldn’t smile.
I tried, really tried.

But I couldn’t stop it.
I gave up trying.

My heart had already loved.
I gave it my all.

Channeled it all to loving you.
I was trying, for an impossibility.

A chance of you and me, of us.

I was blind. I agree now.

How could I not see you and see an ‘us’?
I knew all along, my heart refuted it but it also knew all along.

There was never ‘us’it was just me and just you and circumstances.

I gave up, I stopped trying.

You let go, never saying why.

I tried, I really tried.

Forgetting you was impossible.
I tried, honestly I did.

Loving you was easy like breathing, but unloving you my heart rejected.
I gave up trying.

But this time I accept it.

I think I’ll always love you

Maybe till I love again.

And mayhap this time I’m falling again.

But this time it’ll be with me.

I’ll fall in love with me, myself and I.

I’ll be strong.

I’ll be brave

And this time I won’t give up.

This time I won’t stop trying.

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