I’m taking a pledge today, 

and may Allah be my witness.

I’ll stay true to myself

I’ll try and follow my heart when it commands me to do good

I’ll stay away from the evil that society breeds

I’ll be honest to myself the most 

I’ll try my best to love me

Everybody is awesome in their own way.

Your awesomeness does not make my awesomeness any less.

Your beauty never fades mine.

Your strength does not make me weak.

Your brightness never dims mine.

Your intelligence does not make me dumb.

And your personality does not make mine rot.

You are you.

And I am me.

I’m beautiful and special

In my own little way.

I’m smart and caring

In every single way.

I just have one life.

And I’ll make sure 

I live it true

I live it honest

I live it brave

And I live it to the fullest

And this is my pledge.

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