Bye bye 

It’s finally over and done with

I no longer hurt

I neither heart you anymore

No tears 

No cries

Just gonna smile 

It’s over and done with.
Bye bye

I saw you today 

Guess what?

Nothing but a sense of familiarity 

I used to know and love you once

You know?

But now 

It’s over and done with.
Bye bye

It was neither you nor I

It just wasn’t meant to be

Never regretted this 

Never will

Don’t hide next time

Stop at least for a ‘Hi’ cause

It’s over and done with.
Bye bye

I guess I should say

 I know a part of me

That will never cease

Loving you

And a part 

That will never cease

Hurting cause I lost you

But finally

It’s over and done with.

29 thoughts on “OVER AND DONE WITH 

Add yours

  1. Sorry to the guy who lost such a beautiful person who writes with emotion.
    Losing you,Moving On and It’s over and done with are all about this one feeling that is described perfectly by you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi,
    Dear Habeebaty,
    I would love to meet you and have tea with you, we’d talk about anything and everything because Love, you seem like the person I’d talk with forever and never get bored.
    You seem genuine and boy would I love getting to know you.
    Dear, this is just a girl in London whose heart you’ve touched.

    Liked by 1 person

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