Dear X,

Salaam aleikum/Hello/Hey/Hi/Habari,

See here’s the thing, I do know your name, no worries but I put X here, why? Well that’s who you are now.

 An X.

 X as in the unknown, not that I forgot you, its actually the opposite, but that’s where you stand now, at X. I don’t know. Enlighten me please if you do know, but see you ain’t talking to me anymore so I’m here standing with a big X.

Actually make that in bold just for emphasis. ‘X’

Better now, I guess.

During the time we were friends I didn’t know a side like this would exist  in you.Scratch that.

Unbelievable, to say but I kind of knew; it was just hard to believe.

Lately, that seems like the case, everything you do is unbelievable.

Right now all I can think of is the sweet memories that haunt my dreams.

Actually, I’ll say they’re beautiful nightmares, just like the fantasy I built.

Honestly I don’t know why I keep on writing. 

Maybe it’s to let it all out and relieve my heart.

Actually, it is but just but a sore reminder; all I can do is just write.

Act like I don’t care while I hurt inside.

Now, I’m getting closure for me and maybe Dear X, if you stumble upon this you’ll get yours too.

Bye bye for now, it still hurts  to know that I called you my Best friend and my other half but you are now reduced to an ‘X’.

Till I know where you lie you’ll still be X.

Why don’t I know? Well I still love and care for you. I still wake up and pray for your happiness and success.

 I still pray to be in your life to see it all with you, but alas you aren’t. So here Dear X, I write.

Until I know where you lie,




31 thoughts on “Dear X,

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  1. Breaking away and letting go seems like its so far and hard, but reading this like makes me feel like it’s hard yes, and you’ll still think about the friendship and memories but you’ll look back with a smile and be happy that you spent part of your life with someone who once loved you and you loved back.
    Thank you Habeebaty…

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  2. I’m usually ever stoic and I never cry, but this, this just touched my heart Habeebaty, I don’t know if it’s the raw emotions in it or the fact that this is a masterpiece.
    You are an angel carrying a pen as your weapon and paper as your wings, fly away.

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  3. Ever felt an overwhelming feeling and you just wanna grieve with the person who caused it my painting an easel full of love and ache.
    This is all you, and this is real emotion.
    Good work!

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