Stop please


Just for a while,



I’m begging you, Please…

Just Listen..

listen to my eyes

Listen to the beat of my heart

Listen to my actions

Listen to the past

Listen to the pain

Listen to the memories

Listen to the little voice in your heart

Listen to your own heart

Listen to your dreams

Listen to yourself

Forget all else

Forget what they said

Forget the pain

Forget the blows

Forget it all

And please

Just please




Just listen.



My Last Breathe

Living my life

I always thought, Love was

The greatest punishment ever,

Living my life centered around

Some stranger who becomes familiar?

Why make me vulnerable?

Giving out one thing I only owned,

My heart.


Little did I know

I was missing out on the greatest blessing

Loving My Lord

A love so great


A love so deep

The kind of love that is so familiar

The kind that words can not and never describe

I was missing out

On knowing My Creator

The One who owned me fully

Owned my heart wholly

And made me see the world so beautifully

O My Lord!


And then,

I lived life loving Him

Loving Him every single day

With every single breathe

And every single step

And each day,

I got to know a little more

Which made me love Him

A whole lot more,

With each word I learnt

I got to love Him in another amazing way.


And then,

I  got to know,

That my time was coming to an end

I could feel my life speeding past me

I could hear the prayer of my heart

Allah, end this torture, Ya Rabb

Unite me with You.

I can feel my mind drowning me,

I want so bad, to swim

But each time I struggle

I go down deep

I’m letting go, Dear Lord.

Guide me please,

Finally I get to meet

My Beloved

With my last breathe,

I praise you Allah

La ilaaha Illa Allah.


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