My Last Breathe

Living my life

I always thought, Love was

The greatest punishment ever,

Living my life centered around

Some stranger who becomes familiar?

Why make me vulnerable?

Giving out one thing I only owned,

My heart.


Little did I know

I was missing out on the greatest blessing

Loving My Lord

A love so great


A love so deep

The kind of love that is so familiar

The kind that words can not and never describe

I was missing out

On knowing My Creator

The One who owned me fully

Owned my heart wholly

And made me see the world so beautifully

O My Lord!


And then,

I lived life loving Him

Loving Him every single day

With every single breathe

And every single step

And each day,

I got to know a little more

Which made me love Him

A whole lot more,

With each word I learnt

I got to love Him in another amazing way.


And then,

I  got to know,

That my time was coming to an end

I could feel my life speeding past me

I could hear the prayer of my heart

Allah, end this torture, Ya Rabb

Unite me with You.

I can feel my mind drowning me,

I want so bad, to swim

But each time I struggle

I go down deep

I’m letting go, Dear Lord.

Guide me please,

Finally I get to meet

My Beloved

With my last breathe,

I praise you Allah

La ilaaha Illa Allah.


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