Childhood Memories

I grew up

And I grew well

This is for them

Who made my childhood memories

My siblings

My cousins.

I grew up dancing in the rain

I grew up laughing in a roller coaster

I grew up learning how to bake

I grew up rolling around in grass

I grew up covered in ash

I grew up in a library

I grew up infront of a TV

I grew up in the beach

I grew up drinking “Dawa ya Green”

I grew up in the Cinemax

I grew up in Makadara Grounds

I grew up eating in a circle

I grew up loving Achari

I grew up going out for ice cream

I grew up lighting fireworks

I grew up playing pranks

I grew up watching a Ferrari

I grew up in a Tuk Tuk Garage

I grew up chasing goats

I grew up in the back of a Picana Lorry

I grew up hiding chilli in your food

I grew up selling sand in Mabuyu packs

I grew up in a truck full of glass

I grew up sleeping on the rooftop

I grew up playing pool and darts

I grew up loving The Red Devils

I grew up a business lady

I grew up a bride and a groom 

I grew up dancing in your weddings
I grew up laughing

I grew up smiling

I grew up happy

I grew up one step at a time

I thrived in family love

I flourished in gatherings

I prospered with family

This is for them 

Who made my childhood memories

My Siblings

My Cousins

Dedicated to the best cousins in the world!!

Listening to other people’s childhood memories made me realize how happy and fun mine was.

Each memory is with a cousin and a sibling.

May Allah keep you happy always!




Started with a little flicker

A little spark

A little wind

And a small patch

Little by little

Slowly and steadily

This little fire grew

To something bigger

A huge blaze

A great inferno

A major holocaust

This fire in my heart.

Started with a streak of light

To a flare of sparks

A little glow

To a gleam of brightness

And a little shimmer

To an everlasting luster

This light inside of me.

Casting away hatred

Putting aside self loathing

Celebrating my achievements

Storing away self doubts

This vibrant conflagration

Blazed away through my fears

And raved through my heart

Igniting back my passion

And setting light to my dreams.

This fire and light

All I found


Bowing my head

Supplicating to Him.

This love

For Me




An obligation to myself

A pillar to keep me steady

To love me

To celebrate me


To live me

I am tired too

Of not being good enough

Of pleasing everybody,

But me.

Of trying to be perfect

I’m imperfectly perfect,

I get that.

I’m good enough for me,

And guess what?

I’m finally happy.

I’m glowing actually.

And right now,

This heart is on fire.


In a crowd of people,

A chaotic mess,

A rowdy crowd,

All I hear is silence




In a horde of persons,

And a mass of men

A swarm of folks,

All I hear is silence




Silence that taunts

Silence that haunts

Silence that demands answers

Silence that tears me apart.




What of the Children of Syria?

What of the women in Yemen?

What of the fathers in Palestine?

What of the brothers in Egypt?




What of the veiled Muslimah?

What of the imprisoned Sheikh?

What of the detained innocents?

What of the bombed civilians?





What of the terrified little boys?

What of the brave stone bearer?

What of the starving little girl?

What of the devastated mother?




People are nothing more than statistics.

Civilians nothing but collateral damage.

Innocent ones nothing but mistaken identities.

Brave souls nothing but armed terrorists.





This silence is deafening.

Choking my insides.

Twisting my guts.

Tearing me apart.




I refuse to remain silent.

I refuse to turn a blind eye.

I refuse to block the truth.

I refuse to watch quietly.

The silence is no more.

I refused to stay silent.


Dear Mama,

Dry up your tears,

And bow down your head.

Raise your hands.

And Mama, Praise Allah.

To Allah we belong,

And to Him we return

Mama, I may not have seen you

And not held by you,

But I know, you loved me

Mama, I may not have been in your embrace

But I know you give out the best hugs

Mama, I may not have experienced life,

But, I know of the greatest Mother of them all.

Dear Mama,

I love you.


Dear Mama,

Be patient,

For we shall meet in the Last Day

I shall hold your hand Mama

And to paradise I shall lead you.

Cry no more,

For this, Dear Mama,

Is but a trial from Allah.

And trials,

Are only given to those He loves.

Have Sabr, Ya Mama,

For surely,

You will be rewarded.


Cry no more Dearest Mama

And know that I love you.

Dear Mama,

Every soul shall taste death

And this is my time to go,

I may still be in your womb

But Mama, you were the greatest of them all.

I bid you good bye Dear Mama

Till we meet again,

I’ll be waiting for you Mama,

To hold you

And to Jannah

To lead you.

 To our house.

Which for your patience,

Allah has built.


For all those who lose their babies in their wombs, or lose them while they were still infants, have no fear, instead be patient, for it is just but a trial from Allah, and He shall reward you for it.

This is dedicated to a loving sister and friend. May Allah give you sabr to deal with your loss and reward you for it.


With lots of love,























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