Dear Mama,

Dry up your tears,

And bow down your head.

Raise your hands.

And Mama, Praise Allah.

To Allah we belong,

And to Him we return

Mama, I may not have seen you

And not held by you,

But I know, you loved me

Mama, I may not have been in your embrace

But I know you give out the best hugs

Mama, I may not have experienced life,

But, I know of the greatest Mother of them all.

Dear Mama,

I love you.


Dear Mama,

Be patient,

For we shall meet in the Last Day

I shall hold your hand Mama

And to paradise I shall lead you.

Cry no more,

For this, Dear Mama,

Is but a trial from Allah.

And trials,

Are only given to those He loves.

Have Sabr, Ya Mama,

For surely,

You will be rewarded.


Cry no more Dearest Mama

And know that I love you.

Dear Mama,

Every soul shall taste death

And this is my time to go,

I may still be in your womb

But Mama, you were the greatest of them all.

I bid you good bye Dear Mama

Till we meet again,

I’ll be waiting for you Mama,

To hold you

And to Jannah

To lead you.

 To our house.

Which for your patience,

Allah has built.


For all those who lose their babies in their wombs, or lose them while they were still infants, have no fear, instead be patient, for it is just but a trial from Allah, and He shall reward you for it.

This is dedicated to a loving sister and friend. May Allah give you sabr to deal with your loss and reward you for it.


With lots of love,























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