Started with a little flicker

A little spark

A little wind

And a small patch

Little by little

Slowly and steadily

This little fire grew

To something bigger

A huge blaze

A great inferno

A major holocaust

This fire in my heart.

Started with a streak of light

To a flare of sparks

A little glow

To a gleam of brightness

And a little shimmer

To an everlasting luster

This light inside of me.

Casting away hatred

Putting aside self loathing

Celebrating my achievements

Storing away self doubts

This vibrant conflagration

Blazed away through my fears

And raved through my heart

Igniting back my passion

And setting light to my dreams.

This fire and light

All I found


Bowing my head

Supplicating to Him.

This love

For Me




An obligation to myself

A pillar to keep me steady

To love me

To celebrate me


To live me

I am tired too

Of not being good enough

Of pleasing everybody,

But me.

Of trying to be perfect

I’m imperfectly perfect,

I get that.

I’m good enough for me,

And guess what?

I’m finally happy.

I’m glowing actually.

And right now,

This heart is on fire.

23 thoughts on “LIGHT IN MY HEART

Add yours

  1. I love how your poetry promotes self love and faith in God, Now I know it doesn’t matter which religion you profess, as long as you believe in one Lord and learn to love Him and yourself.
    Much Love Habeebaty!


  2. How you take feelings and put them to words is amazing Habeebaty, it’s like you take in what everyone is thinking and putting it on paper.
    This is beautigul.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We often learn to hate ourselves through society standards, but this is what we should be doing instead, celebrating ourselves and our achievements! Amazing Love.

    Liked by 1 person

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