An Appeal to Your Hearts.

1.3 Million people suffering

1.3 million lives at stake

Bodies dropping by the hour

Listen carefully,

This is an appeal to your heart.

“She walks kilometres

Hours pass her by

Searching for life

Water for her family

He walks on and on

Only to find mud

Muddy dirty H2O

Water for his family

Thirsty and tired

They move forward

Contaminated waters all around

Water for their families

Passing by carcasses,

Wealth they had once possessed.

Dry withered plants,

Food they thought they had.

Listen carefully,

Close your ears

And open your heart

This is an appeal to your heart

Me and you

Can make a difference

Clean water for them all.

This is an appeal to your hearts.


Listen carefully,

This is an appeal to your heart.

Images all from Google showcasing the drought and famine present in Kenya currently.


I stayed close

To keep you warm

Stayed beside you

To let you know I care

Just right next to you

To show you support

Beside you

To let you know I love you

I let go

So that we meet again

In front of My Lord

With His will

We shall meet again.


Step by step

Throughout the way

You stayed close


Warm and sweet

Right beside me

You stayed close



Bright and broad

Just next to me

You stayed close



You let go

With hope of meeting again,

In a happier place.


I may have lost you know

Physically, that is.

But in our hearts

You forever shall live


I may not see you again

But your face is as fresh

As I saw you yesterday

And again and again.


In my prayers,

I shall remember you

Today and Tomorrow

And again and again.


To Allah We Belong

And To Him We Return

Till Paradise

Dearest One.





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