For some,

Home is a sanctuary

A peaceful abode

A lovely place

Kindly, hear me out.

Let me tell you all

Of the prison I call home.

What shall I start with?

The violence?

The murder?

The savagery?


The fact that I’d prefer death to life?

Bombs dropping by the hour?

Playgrounds looking like grave yards

Only with the dead unburied

Shocking statistics

No worries, half are still unaccounted for.

Neighbors trapped in rubble

Hospitals barely standing

Dead streets everywhere

With dead closed ones all around

Everyone lives in fear

Of the horrors yet to be seen.


Shall I tell you more?

Of the hell I call home?

Where I’ve witnessed death and despair

Where I’ve seen cruelty and brutality?

Let me say it now

For I dread tomorrow

I fear I may not be able to say it again

Maybe I shall be a statistic tomorrow

Of the lost never to be found

Or the dead and unaccounted

This is my fate

One I grew to hate

Shall I describe it more?

I do have siblings

Ones I’ve not seen for months

Interrogative questioning, I heard

Before they went missing

I used to have a father,

One killed before my very eyes

A Mama too,

Who took her own life.

She preferred death over rape, you see.

I know where I live.

On Planet Earth, a fact this is

Yet, fellow Earth occupiers never feel

The terrors of what I call home

The lingering smell of death that hangs on my door

The streaks of blood that paints my streets

Fellow humans

This is the prison I call home.



To all those humane,

I humbly beg

Regardless of the religion you profess

Kindly pray for #Aleppo.





















30 thoughts on “THE PRISON I CALL HOME

Add yours

  1. God knows every thing and He will bring back the hope to you ,,
    we beleive G
    od shall make a way of everlasting peace..
    We have a new planet where there is no cries,no war,and troubles..
    Our home in heaven

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  2. This is a wake up call for everybody. #PrayForParis and #PrayForAtlanta was trending, let’s get #SaveAleppo trending too. People should know of what is going on.

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  3. So many people are silent about this!!! Why??!!
    Is it because they are Muslims? Arabs?
    You do not have to be of the same race or religion, you just have to be human.


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