Hold On Dear Heart

When I stumble and fall

When I stammer and stop

When I get tired of reaching out

When I lose more than just myself

And I lose some more

And I feel so helpless

And so tired

Exhausted from it all

Bow down and pray

Seek His guidance

Ask Him for patience

Have Patience, Dear Heart

Be Calm, Dear Heart

It only needs tearing down, before it becomes stronger

Verily after hardship there is ease

After trouble comes better times

Be patient, Dear Heart

When I’m about to give up

Remind me of the good days

Remind me of the happy times

Let me remember the beauty of life

The blessings I still have.

When I tear down, patch me up

When I fall, get me back up

When I frown, make me smile 

Remind me, Dear Heart.

And be patient.

In facing whatever hardships you are going through remember to be patient, bow down your head and pray, pray till it gets better and when it does, pray some more.

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