I stood on the sidelines for too long

Stood watching the pain

I was a target

A helpless pawn 

In a game that knows no rules

I was used

In a place that knew no light

In darkness, surrounded by night

Tossed aside

In a place that knows no happiness
I was lost

In an abyss of misery

Too gone to know the way

Too scared to walk ahead

In a place that knows no love

But now I rise

I rise a warrior, a fighter

I rise to be a player 

In the same ruthless game

I rise to be happy

In a gloomy palace

I rise to be the lantern

In this murky place

I rise to fight

I rise to win

Watch me

As I rise.

Of Friends And Family

Friendship bracelets

I still have mine

We made it back in 3rd grade

It’s old and worn

But always warms my heart

Our own secret code

Tougher than the Rivest’s

Hidden gestures 

Covert looks

I still remember them all
Complicated handshakes

Made up games

Uno cards, deck by deck

And Monopoly debts

I think you still owe me a rematch

Guava trees 

Red cherry bombs

Firecrackers and bike rides

Pranks on the next door hostel

And water balloons still hidden
Memories I hold dear

We may be apart today

But we’ll always be in the past together

Playing football while the sun sets

Or manning the wicket, while one swings by.

Tales of Beauty

I awaited you for so long

My own

Custom made beauty

Baked to perfection

I dream of you

Everytime I close my eyes

Beauty, tantalizing beauty

I could feel everything 

Almost taste you in my dreams

All in all

I knew we were meant to be

I heard the bell go

Ding Dong Ding Dong

I saw him bring you in

Holding you delicately

I paid a price for you

And to ravish you I will

Pizza, My beautiful Pizza

I always knew 

We were meant to be. 

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