A Letter To My Beloved

This is to you my beloved

Mama and Baba

In whose arms there is nothing but solace

A comforting embrace

A love coccoon.
To Mama,

You bore me through hardships

Raised me with love

Hugged me with care

Loved me without despair.

I remember hiding behind you,

Or crying out Mama when I ran

When I was at fault.

Climbing up beds

Only to jump in your arms.

Waiting eargely by the door

Every single day till you came back.
To Baba,

You played with me

Taught me how to walk

How to run and talk

I still remember you entering from work

Sitting in a stool with a Barbie Kitchen Set

Sipping imaginary tea with a cookie.

Or pretending to cough

So, I your Daughter, I meant Doctor

Would check you up and inject you, even if it was just once.
These memories and much more,

Speedboats to Lamu

Picnics in a Lost Paradise

Swimming in Islands

Hiking in forests

Shopping in malls

Tours in Animal parks

Late night movies

Early morning cartoons

Rides in an amusement park

And the best of them all

Praying side by side

Holding your hands doing Tawwaff

Seeing the Holy House with you

And waking up everyday and seeing you.
To Yumma and AbyAby

It is said Children are the crowns of their parents,

Let us be the crowns on your head,

Adorned with pearls of laughter

Emeralds of blessings

Rubies of love

Diamonds of health

Secured with golden care.

To those who love unconditionally,

Mama and Baba,

We love you too.

May Allah incrase in your age and health and wealth,

May He open all doors of happiness and blessings 




I stayed close

To keep you warm

Stayed beside you

To let you know I care

Just right next to you

To show you support

Beside you

To let you know I love you

I let go

So that we meet again

In front of My Lord

With His will

We shall meet again.


Step by step

Throughout the way

You stayed close


Warm and sweet

Right beside me

You stayed close



Bright and broad

Just next to me

You stayed close



You let go

With hope of meeting again,

In a happier place.


I may have lost you know

Physically, that is.

But in our hearts

You forever shall live


I may not see you again

But your face is as fresh

As I saw you yesterday

And again and again.


In my prayers,

I shall remember you

Today and Tomorrow

And again and again.


To Allah We Belong

And To Him We Return

Till Paradise

Dearest One.





Childhood Memories

I grew up

And I grew well

This is for them

Who made my childhood memories

My siblings

My cousins.

I grew up dancing in the rain

I grew up laughing in a roller coaster

I grew up learning how to bake

I grew up rolling around in grass

I grew up covered in ash

I grew up in a library

I grew up infront of a TV

I grew up in the beach

I grew up drinking “Dawa ya Green”

I grew up in the Cinemax

I grew up in Makadara Grounds

I grew up eating in a circle

I grew up loving Achari

I grew up going out for ice cream

I grew up lighting fireworks

I grew up playing pranks

I grew up watching a Ferrari

I grew up in a Tuk Tuk Garage

I grew up chasing goats

I grew up in the back of a Picana Lorry

I grew up hiding chilli in your food

I grew up selling sand in Mabuyu packs

I grew up in a truck full of glass

I grew up sleeping on the rooftop

I grew up playing pool and darts

I grew up loving The Red Devils

I grew up a business lady

I grew up a bride and a groom 

I grew up dancing in your weddings
I grew up laughing

I grew up smiling

I grew up happy

I grew up one step at a time

I thrived in family love

I flourished in gatherings

I prospered with family

This is for them 

Who made my childhood memories

My Siblings

My Cousins

Dedicated to the best cousins in the world!!

Listening to other people’s childhood memories made me realize how happy and fun mine was.

Each memory is with a cousin and a sibling.

May Allah keep you happy always!



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